Breathe in, breathe out

Yoga and meditation, help in quarantine


At the beginning of quarantine, I picked up a new interest in yoga exercise and meditation. I was introduced to it by my sophomore year English teacher, Ms. Rousseau, and found it to be helpful in relieving my stress and anxiety. I turned to YouTube to find some short and easy beginner yoga exercises and began doing it at least once every day. 

Soon, I was doing exercises each morning and night. Then I added in occasional short meditations and they helped to refocus my mind for the day. After a few months, I was feeling great both physically and mentally. 

Yoga was something that before quarantine I probably would have never considered doing, let alone enjoying. However, it was exactly the thing I needed to cope with being in quarantine. It made me feel so much stronger and fit than before. I also gained a more positive outlook on being home all day. It made me realize the value of taking a moment to center yourself. Whenever I was feeling overwhelmed, I could just close my eyes and take a breath. 

Since starting my yoga practice, school has been back in session. I don’t get around to doing my full yoga routine as much as I used to because I’ve had to make more time to complete my work, but I still try to do it at least in the mornings before school starts to be better prepared for my day. It’s always great when I do get back to it because it genuinely works!