A Day in Quarantine: Lhayla Ceraos


The whole quarantine has been very hectic, though still very calm in my household. My mother is very paranoid and doesn’t allow us to ever go outside. I keep eating all my quarantine foods that are supposed to be conserved, but I’m so bored I just keep eating. 

I have created a greater bond with my younger siblings since we are with each other every single moment of the day. I have binged multiple movies and shows such as “Saved by the Bell” and “Tiger King.” 

I am also very upset that my Hawaii spring break vacation was cancelled, and out of boredom decided to have a fake Hawaii vacation with my family. Though as I stay here bored and restless with my constant thoughts, I keep thinking about all the things I miss so much. I miss going to school everyday and picking up Rachelle for school. I miss seeing my school friends and having random conversations with my teachers that don’t feel as right in virtual calls. I miss having the option of going out with my best friend Gabe whenever we don’t have anything to do. I miss just being outside of the house and having the option of walking out without being afraid of putting myself and others in harm. I miss seeing my family and not having to rely on phone calls to keep in contact. 

The whole quarantine has made me realize that I take so many things for granted and that life can take so many unexpected tolls at any moment. It really angers me that people continue to keep going out and about and won’t stay inside. They seem so selfish and wrong for not being considerate of others and their lives. I believe they should be penalized for throwing large parties and large gatherings putting others at risk. I also feel that we should be freezing bills for people that no longer have jobs; it’s not fair for those who are struggling during these terrible times.