A Day in Quarantine: Tania Salceda


The coronavirus is truly deadly to some, but in my case, it has affected me in several ways other than my health. The CSF Seymour conference, National LULAC Convention, National LULAC Women’s Conference, State LULAC Convention, school, prom, senior awards night, graduation, scholarship receptions, grad nite, college acceptance events, and my senior year experience as a whole are just a few things that have been taken away from me due to the coronavirus. Heartbreaking!

I have recently been accepted in several universities including the University of Southern California (USC), which is known for sending admission packages to accepted students’ doorsteps the day decisions come out. Although I believed that I had no chance of being admitted, the fact that I did not get to experience the joy of getting home from school and seeing the beautiful package on my doorstep is truly upsetting. As of now, USC has no plans of ever sending that package due to the pandemic. 

Another thing that truly breaks my heart is that if I decide to attend my dream school (UC Berkeley), I would be completely blindsided being that I never had the opportunity to visit the campus. I have previously not been able to visit because of the wildfires and now I will not be visiting because of the coronavirus. This situation is making deciding where I will spend my next four years even harder. 

As of now, the only thing maintaining my optimism is the fact that no one in my immediate family has been physically (as in healthwise) affected by the virus. Thankfully I have an amazing support system that includes my dog, family, friends, teachers, and Upward Bound advisors.