Ask Raider Sam

February 2020

Dear Raider Sam,
I have been extremely stressed about Valentine’s day, being this is my first year with a significant other. For the entirety of my first 16 years of life, I have spent my Valentine’s day eating popcorn and watching The Notebook. Unfortunately, I am comfortable with my tradition and I simply just do not know how to do Valentine’s day. Please help me, I don’t know what to do.
–Clueless Lover

Dear Clueless Lover,
Your first Valentine’s Day in a relationship can be nerve wracking, but you shouldn’t worry about the fact that you are comfortable with your traditions. You should embrace your traditions and maybe introduce them to your significant other so instead of making it your tradition, you can make it a tradition between the both of you to enjoy together. Valentine’s day isn’t about big plans and gifts. It’s about celebrating your love for that person and whatever is decided to be done during that day shouldn’t worry you because being with them anywhere is already amazing.
-Raider Sam

Dear Raider Sam,
What should I do to feel more connected with my friend? We barely have anything to talk about and I’m feeling it is getting distant. We’ve been friends since the 5th grade and recently I haven’t been hanging out with her for reasons of not having anything to talk about. How should we start our friendship again?

Dear Lonely,
It’s clear that both of you guys individually have changed. Try to reach out and make plans with one another. While hanging out, be open and honest with them and tell them your feelings about the situation on how distant you feel and that you would like to keep your friendship. But keep in mind distance can benefit both of you. With time and distance both of you can improve yourselves. When you hang out again, you’ll see the significant change some time away will benefit and refresh your guys’ relationship. Hope this helps!
– Raider Sam

Dear Raider Sam, I have been stressing a lot this junior year. I usually tend to have breakdowns once or twice a week. All the school work/ homework assigned from all classes is putting on too much. I understand I need to try and be more responsible but is there any advice you could give me to help me not stress so much? Any techniques or things you recommend me to help with procrastination?
— Breaking Down Junior

Dear Breaking Down Junior,
Junior year is most likely going to be the most challenging year out of your high school career. Whenever you feel stressed when doing your work, make sure that you take breaks but don’t lag too much. Maybe 10-15 minutes of a break and go back to trying. When doing homework or classwork, try to isolate yourself in a quiet state of mind. Go to where it is quiet and no distractions are of use. Make sure you take time for yourself as well and not just devote all your time to school 24/7. Breathe. Procrastination is only causing you to stress more so when receiving an assignment, try to do it that day or section it off. Remember your mental health is a big priority as well. I hope this helps!
–Raider Sam