Senior Spotlight: Anthony Reyes

President, Prince, and Host


Anthony Reyes is no stranger to the Raider community. You may recognize his name from ballots, elections, or your daily dose of CI Live. This is because of his passion for school involvement and the fact that he lives and breathes CI spirit.

His goal for this year is to constantly aim above a 3.5 GPA in hopes of making this his best year yet and earning him acceptance to a UC of his choice.

Next fall he plans on attending a four-year university where he would earn a bachelor’s degree in science. He would then apply to dental school to fulfill his dream of becoming an orthodontist.

Reyes has been playing for the CIHS volleyball team as well as been a part of ASB since he was a freshman. Reyes has also been elected as ASB President for this school year.

Although he was very hesitant to go for the position at first, kind words from recently graduated friends persuaded him to take a big leap.

So far, his first couple of months as president have been “not as difficult as I thought it would be,” Reyes said, “but it has its moments.”

Some may describe Anthony Reyes as a friendly face, role model or a socialite. But one thing is for sure: This student bleeds blue and gold.

Said Mr. Brett Zielsdorf, ASB adviser, “He is hardworking, honest, and committed.”