Raiders catching UFC fever


With the most recent Ultimate Fighting Championship racking in close to 2.4 million pay-per-view buys, it was easily the most watched event in the franchise’s history, so I took to my fellow peers and teachers to get their views on the UFC.

Willy Garcia, a senior at CI, is an avid UFC fan. Garcia began his fandom around the Jones vs. Cormier 2 bout at UFC 214 “because of its magnitude and talent filled main card.”

Garcia is mostly looking forward to the Holloway vs. Ortega fight scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 8, and the Jones vs. Gustafson 2 fight at UFC 232 on Saturday, Dec. 29.

“I was looking forward to the first fight when it got announced and really want Brian Ortega to win the fight,” Garcia said. “Regarding the second bout, I look forward to the fight because it will determine the light heavyweight championship of the world.”

Jon Jones is Garcia’s favorite UFC fighter because he believes his abilities and what he brings to the table consistently are the best to ever grace the sport of mixed martial arts.

“He’s the greatest of all time!” he said.

Paul Palomino, a CI senior, weighed in on the topic as well.

Palomino began watching the UFC around 2 years ago but watched occasionally as a younger child. “I was into wrestling on the TV at the time and saw UFC on a different channel but enjoyed it once I began watching,” he said.

He too, remarked about his excitement toward the upcoming Jones vs Gustafson 2 fight. However, he is looking forward to the suspected McGregor vs Nurmagomedov rematch, and Brock Lesner’s return to the UFC for the heavyweight championship against Daniel Cormier in the spring of 2019 just as much.

“My favorite fighter is Conor (McGregor) because of his very confident personality and his accuracy in the octagon,” he said.

Conor was previously highly regarded for his left hand’s knockout abilities.