Stressful college application season

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Stressful college application season


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Before even entering middle school, I had developed an enthusiasm for my future collegiate years. Researching institutions and exploring various fields of study fueled my drive to receive post-secondary education. Now, as a senior in the middle of the application process, my aspirations for my future are only months away; in fact, I am submitting two thirds of my applications during the month of November.

At the beginning of my high school career, I had one set goal; meet the necessary requirements to earn admission into various institutions. Initially, I believed the list of prerequisites for any university would solely lie in my academics. That was prior to finding out how many aspects of the application there are. From extracurriculars to standardized test scores, the application is an opportunity to best represent yourself to an admissions counselor. Why do you deserve to attend that given institution over someone else? What makes you different and how are you going to benefit the school? Your essays are the prime location to voice your qualifications to attend the school.

These are the aspects I’ve focused on. Proving to a school that I am the best fit for that institution is emotionally straining. An application is more than the transferring of your transcript and extracurriculars, it’s an opportunity to display who you are, and that’s not a simple task.

I’ve dedicated hours to writing essays only to scratch them, taking standardized test scores, and meeting with admission counselors. In the applicant pool, even on campus, many have a desired institution, and that only causes more strain.  Whether it’s your safety or the school you’ve dreamt of attending since the seventh grade, placing so much of yourself into an application is emotionally draining and allowing yourself to be that vulnerable is terrifying.

Applying to 17 schools, I have a lot of applications to try to best represent myself on. From privates to UC’s, I am applying to almost every type of school. The process has been mentally straining, but ultimately, I am anticipating it being worth it.

Luckily for all those who are applying, the deadlines are approaching, and quickly. Personally, I feared senior year would drag on, but to my surprise the days are flying by. On the bright side, application season is almost over, only two more months to go. To those applying, best of luck.

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