McCready Era coming to an end

She has been CI's school resource officer for 19 years

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McCready Era coming to an end

By Ron Aspuria

By Ron Aspuria

By Ron Aspuria


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For Channel Islands High School’s last Raider Hero of the school year, the Isle File wanted to select and honor a special candidate that has given hope, safety, and guidance to the Islands for 18 years.

We proudly announce Channel Islands’ school resource officer, Tamara McCready, as our Raider Hero for this issue.

Since November of 1999, Officer McCready has been serving Channel Islands by keeping the peace and guiding students onto a better path. She has made strong, long-lasting connections with the students and staff members.

McCready decided to become a school resource officer ever since her past experience as an officer at Oxnard High School, where she worked for two weeks.

During those two weeks, however, the officer found her passion.

“I realized that I wanted to take a route with my career where I could have positive interactions with students,” McCready said.

Two years later, McCready was offered a job at Channel Islands, which she gladly accepted. Eighteen years ago, she walked into Channel Islands’ main office and met Ms. Lita Hernandez, the school’s copy room clerk. Hernandez remembers it as if it was yesterday.

“At the time, I was the office teller and when she came in, I just introduced myself,” the clerk said.

That was the start of a long-lasting friendship that continues today. Throughout the years, the two have strengthened their bond and have had many memorable moments.

“I remember when Officer McCready was still in her twenties and she asked me to go with her to Grad Nite,” said Hernandez. “It was cute. I went with her and we had a lot of fun.”

The officer herself shares some of her memories as well.

“My best memories were during the different interactions with the students,” McCready says. She has attended many events with the students such as Grad Nite and Prom. “It’s very nice to see another side of the students and that they can see the other side of me.”

Ms. Hernandez isn’t the only one with a strong relationship with the officer. Mr. Pete Rivas, who claims to be 6 feet tall, also talks very highly of Officer McCready. He talks about her many contributions to the school.

“Officer McCready is amazing; she is an advocate of the Raiders for Animal Rights club with Ms. Adrian, consults with parents and holds workshops with them in the evenings, and has guided countless kids both in the school and the community,” Mr. Rivas said.

Another individual with a strong connection to the officer is Genesis Perez, a CI junior. Perez met McCready through RAR Club, but they deepened their connection during Perez’s freshman year.

“I had an incident during my freshman year and I gained support from Officer McCready, who is a strong female individual,” Perez states. “She is a role model and a great pillar of support.”

However, as a school resource officer, Officer McCready’s time at CI isn’t exactly unlimited. The normal term of a school resource officer at a school is only two years. McCready has, again, been at CI for eighteen years. At the beginning of July, McCready will be assigned back to patrolling the city.

This was astonishing news to many, but it hasn’t been the first time McCready was assigned to leave the Islands. There have been previous petitions that were held to keep the trustworthy officer at CI.

While she is leaving the school, McCready will always hold CI close to her heart.

“I love the vibe at Channel Islands – the diversity, the family atmosphere and the students and the staff here,” said McCready.

The officer’s attendance at the Islands has left a major impact on the staff.

“She is the best school resource officer in the district. Because of her, my whole outlook on life has changed,” Mr. Rivas said.

“Officer McCready is very caring and loves the students,” said Ms. Hernandez. “She has always given helpful advice and has always been there for someone.”

Officer McCready will be gone from the school, but Channel Islands will forever welcome the officer and she will always be one of our Raider Heroes.


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